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Environmental policy

One of the objectives Global Steel Wire, S.A. has established in all its activities concerned with the manufacturing and commercialisation of high range wire rod, is the protection and improvement of the Environment.

Both the steel and the productive process used in GSW are outstanding as far as its ecological values and its capacity to be recycled are concerned, particularly in comparison with other products and technology.

Our commitment to the Environment forms a part of the Total Quality Management general policy, and is guaranteed by the application of an environmental management system based on the following principles:

  1. The efficient and responsible use of natural resources and energy.

  2. The application of the principle of continual improvement and contamination prevention in the management of the processes, which includes establishing and periodically reviewing the environmental objectives and goals.

  3. The development of a productive system which respects the Environment and fulfils the legal obligations, the commitments and voluntary agreements related to environmental aspects that GSW has adopted.

  4. The promotion of valorisation and recycling as opposed to other methods of waste management.

  5. Considering and mitigating the impact environmental aspects have, from when the equipment and installations are first designed, using the best available and economically viable techniques.

  6. The development of a commitment to the environment from every single person connected with the company, including management, employees, contractors, clients and suppliers, with information and training becoming an essential tool to achieve this.

  7. Open and transparent communication with all parties concerned, with particular emphasis on integration into the urban surroundings.

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