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GSW Sustainability policy

Sustainable Development is part of Global Steel Wire's strategy. This principle is embodied in the commitments adopted in the various policies and management systems.

Product Quality

We have a quality management system in place and we have steel product certifications according to national and international standards. This commitment is included in our Quality Policy.

Safety at work

Our objective is to achieve safe and healthy workplaces for all our workers. This premise also extends to all the people who participate and collaborate in our organization (suppliers, contractors, customers, visitors, etc.) and is included in our Safety Policy.


Within our objectives, the protection of the environment occupies a prominent place. We are aware of our environmental responsibility, both in our immediate surroundings and in the global environment, which is why we strive to maintain a good performance in the prevention and control of pollution. We are committed to sustainable growth that does not compromise future generations and to the conservation of the natural environment, through the application of the best available techniques, as reflected in our Environmental Policy.

Supply chain management

We are committed to communicating and working constructively with the supply chain to implement sustainable practices and policies by making efficient use of natural resources. Ensure sufficiency of supply to meet product demand.

Society and community

We encourage the development of people and the community. Global Steel Wire encourages the integration, communication and equal participation of all stakeholders. We also promote training projects that result in the personal and professional development not only of the people who make up our organization, but also of the students who aspire to be part of it in the future.

Wealth creation

Global Steel Wire is an economic engine that seeks to create wealth both in its immediate environment and globally.

Global Steel Wire is committed to compliance with legal and voluntary requirements, continuous improvement, prevention of negative effects, transparency and integration of stakeholder opinion".

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