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Wire rod for tyre reinforcement

This designation includes 5.5-mm diameter, high carbon wire rod for manufacturing metal reinforcements for tyres and similar products.

  • Bead wire
  • Steel cord

In order to satisfy the high level of requirements for manufacturing these products, GSW manufactures wire rod with the highest quality level in the following aspects:

  • Chemical composition.
  • Cleaning of non-metallic micro-inclusions.
  • Low segregation levels.
  • Fine and uniform microstructure.
  • Surface quality.
  • Aptitude for mechanical descaling.

The statistical techniques used for process control are based on 6 Sigma, with the help of the appropriate software (?Minitab?...).

GSW adapts its specifications to every customer based on using the JIS, AFNOR and DIN standards and using a range of carbons from 0.6% to 0.7% to 0.8%.

The use of high direct reduced iron (DRI/HBI) levels in the raw materials mix allows us to guarantee the regular attainment of the desired chemical composition.

Our laboratory guarantees maximum control of the castings designed for our customers using X-rays for analysing the slag, Leco C/S/N and spectrum analysis of residuals, among other controls.

There is a Level 2 process at all facilities, and it includes tracking from the billet (through the casting and shifting line) to the final coil.

We can carry out specific research with Electronic Microscope (MEB/CAMEBAX) when necessary.

Our geographic location allows us to provide a global offer to customers worldwide, covering Central and Southern Europe by land with an excellent base in the North Atlantic for maritime supplies to the rest of the world (GSW has a dock lease with its own stowage).

Logistics handling of the material is maintained at all times, thereby preventing the steel from coming into contact with any abrasive surface.

Forklifts are equipped with Teflon sheaths, and the warehouses have a rubber-coated floor, which guarantees continuous care of the surface quality.

For maritime transport, individual plastic packaging is used on each coil, and ?box? ships are used at all times, which allow perfectly normal stowage of the coil.

For land transport, cardboard separators are used between rolls, and anchoring with wood chocks is used to prevent any undesired movement in the truck.

The usual weight of our specially manufactured coil for this application is 2500 kg, at about 1650 mm in length, and the outside and inside diameters are 1210 mm and 900 mm, respectively.

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