Global Steel Wire – iron and steel company
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Manufacturing Process



Global Steel Wire, S.A. manufactures steel by recycling scrap, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

Its industrial entirely ecological process uses scrap as its basic raw material, smelting it at a steelshop, made up of an electric furnace, to obtain a semi-product steel known as billet.

Said billet is then transformed in a rolling mill into a wide variety of different qualities of rod coils, which are used by our customers to manufacture products such as wire, cords, cables, meshes, steel cords, springs, cold-pressed nuts and bolts or tyre reinforcing.

Global Steel Wire, S.A. has a PPE (Product and Processes Engineering) department dedicated to research and development. This makes it possible for us to offer more technologically advanced products, which is a key factor when competing on markets that are more and more demanding.

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