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Manufacturing Process



The steel shop consists of three basic installations:

The electric furnace, where the scrap and all other raw materials required are melted. The tank diameter is 7.2 metres and it has a capacity of 150 t. It uses a 140-MVA transformer, and the electrode diameter is 600 mm. The liquid steel is tapped using the EBT casting system through the bottom, which prevents the slag from exiting.

The ladle furnace, where the chemical composition of the steel is definitively adjusted by spectrometric analysis of the successive samples of molten steel and the ensuing corrections made by additions through the automatic additive system or by injection.

The continuous casting machine, where the steel is solidified and where 180 x 180-mm square billets are obtained, which are 10 to 13 metres long and weigh 2500 to 3250 kg.

The continuous casting machine has six strands with a radius of 8.5 metres. The tundish capacity is 24 t with a 900-mm fill level; ladle-tundish and tundish-mould splashing protection by means of a submerged nozzle with a sliding gate on the tundish; an electromagnetic stirring system on the mould and automatic speed-temperature-water control system.

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