People and society

Our commitment to people and society is total. We believe in equal opportunities, in the diversity of our people and in the integration of all people who want to be part of the Group. We are proud to be able to count on people from different places, races, ideologies, nationalities, religions and abilities.

And not only that, at CELSA Group™ and the Global Steel Wire Group we promote work-life balance policies and fully respect the personal and family life of all employees.


Commitment to the community

Within the framework of our commitment to the community, we are firmly committed to promoting training projects that result in the personal and professional development, not only of the people who make up our organization but also of the students who aspire to be part of it in the future.

These initiatives have taken the form of collaboration agreements with various entities. We act with full respect for the communities where we operate, contributing to their development to achieve a sustainable and beneficial activity for society.


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

CELSA Group™ has a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that governs the behavioral guidelines of each and every one of the employees who are part of the Group.

Compliance with the Code is the responsibility of each person, who through their conduct must respect the laws, values, principles and standards of the Code, as well as other provisions that exist or may exist in the future. Likewise, the Code contemplates that employees promote that the companies affiliated and participated in by CELSA Group™, as well as their suppliers and interest groups, are governed by standards of conduct and values ​​similar to those established in the Code.

Get to know CELSA Group™ by visiting their website

Get to know CELSA Group™ by visiting their website