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Celsa Circular Steel

At Global Steel Wire, as part of CELSA Group™, we are constantly developing our processes and products in order to provide to our customers a more sustainable steel, supporting them in their Circular and Decarbonization strategies. With our Celsa Circular Steel product brand, we are moving one-step further to provide a new line of sustainable products that go beyond Decarbonization, combining Neutrality and Circularity. Download now our Celsa Circular Steel Catalogue and discover more about our new sustainable product lines.



Download the Global Steel Wire catalogue

Download the GSW Catalogue and learn more about our company, our sustainable processes or get more information about the qualities and products we manufacture.

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Product sheets

Our products comply with all standards (EN, DIN, ASTM, JIS).

In addition, we adapt to the specific requirements of each of our customers and can, by means of prior technical studies, make custom-made products feasible.

Download our most representative product sheets here:


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Get to know CELSA Group TM by visiting its corporate website

Get to know CELSA Group TM by visiting its corporate website