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Why choose GSW?

At Global Steel Wire Group we care for our people and promote their personal and professional development. We believe in people and strive to provide maximum opportunities for everyone in the Group. We make it a priority for our people to feel at ease in their roles, to experience our passion first-hand and to have the opportunity to grow internationally.

We encourage the talent of our people, promote international mobility, respect the environment and are committed to innovation.

At CELSA Group™ we are proud to be the starting point for many successful careers. Through a development programme, new recruits initially take up middle management positions in various departments and business units, both nationally and internationally. If you are just starting out on your career, the doors are open to you in our Group.

We believe in the youth

Training is one of our fundamental pillars. We know that a well-trained team enables us to face all challenges and demands with maximum guarantees. For this reason, we have a wide range of high-level plans for the professional development of our employees. If people grow, the Group grows.

We train professionals

Internal promotion is a key element for CELSA Group™. The work and initiatives of our people are highly valued and we recognise this through various internal awards such as the Innova Awards and the Francisco Rubiralta Awards.
This does not prevent us, when it comes to recruiting external talent, from opting for the incorporation of professionals who can train within the Group and grow professionally with us.

Promoting our talent

We know from experience that a good working environment is essential for the future of a company. We are proud to say that our people are committed to what they do, respect each other and their environment and help their colleagues when needed. We are first and foremost people and we want everyone to fulfil themselves in their job.

Work environment

Diversity is an inseparable part of our corporate culture. We currently employ people from more than 20 different nationalities. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicitiy, ideology, nationality, religion or sexual orientation, or any other personal, physical or social condition. We believe in people, their abilities and their values.

Diversity and integration

There are currently more than 10 languages spoken in the Group and we have more than 120 workplaces around the world. Our international network opens the door to developing a professional career in all the countries where we are present. If you enjoy travelling and getting to know other cultures, CELSA is the Group for you.

International mobility

The history of our Group has been forged on the basis of passion, humility, non-conformity and honesty. We always strive to provide our customers with excellent treatment and we achieve this by believing deeply in what we do. We want you to feel what we feel and learn from the best.

We love what we do

Our commitment to innovation and Industry 4.0 has enabled us to become more efficient in our operations. Research into new production processes is a prerequisite for growth as a Group. We are also at the forefront of professional development policies and programmes. Being part of the CELSA Group™ therefore gives us the opportunity to be at the forefront of knowledge and technology.

Innovating every day

CELSA Group™ is a world leader in the steel sector and a leader in large steel products. This leadership gives the Group numerous opportunities to carry out projects all over the world. Non-conformity is in our DNA, we are leaders because we have leaders.

We are leaders in steel

We aspire to excellence in environmental management and sustainable development. We are committed to the circular economy. In recent years, we have endeavoured to develop an industrial dynamic based on innovative recycling techniques that allow us to seek alternatives to the use of natural resources. Our Group is one of the largest recyclers of ferrous scrap and has received important awards such as the Steel Sustainability Mark and SustSteel.

We strongly believe in the circular economy